Adalya Shisha Tobacco Blueberry Mint 1kg

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Flavor: Blueberry Mint
Manufacturer: Adalya
Origin: United Arab Emirates
Packaging: 1000g
Tobacco leaf: Virginia
Cut: Thick
Color: Red
Nicotine content: 0.05%

AED 160

Product Overview

Experience the perfect blend of freshness and fruitiness with Adalya Shisha Tobacco Blueberry Mint. This flavor combines the lush sweetness of blueberries with a refreshing burst of mint, creating a vibrant and exhilarating smoking experience that invigorates the senses.

Key Features

  • Flavor: Blueberry, Mint
  • Manufacturer: Adalya
  • Origin: United Arab Emirates
  • Packaging: Available in 250g and 1000g packages
  • Tobacco Leaf: Virginia
  • Cut: Thick
  • Color: Red
  • Nicotine Content: 0.05%

About Adalya

As the largest hookah tobacco producer in Turkey and the second biggest in the world, Adalya is renowned for its quality and innovation. With over 16 years in the industry, Adalya has perfected the art of tobacco production, ensuring each batch meets their high standards of quality and flavor.

Global Reach

With a presence in 87 countries, Adalya's flavors have captivated a global audience, proving their appeal across diverse cultures and taste preferences.

Commitment to Quality

Every pouch of Adalya Shisha Tobacco is made from carefully selected tobaccos and infused with premium flavors. This commitment to quality has enabled Adalya to develop an extensive portfolio of over 520 distinctive hookah tobacco flavors, catering to all tastes and preferences.

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