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Darkside Tobacco: A Product That Speaks for Itself

Darkside Tobacco is the undisputed leader in the Russian hookah market for dark tobaccos. Crafted from a Burley blend, Darkside is available in three distinct strength lines, utilizing the Unwashed/Boiled technology.

All Darkside tobacco lines are known for their high heat resistance and vibrant flavor transmission. When packed fluffy with a gap and without direct contact, it is designed to deliver consistent flavor and strength for up to an hour (60 minutes).

Key Features:

  • Enhanced heat resistance
  • Loose tobacco texture
  • Rich flavor transmission
  • Consistent cut

Darkside tobacco is primarily based on Burley leaves, with added Virginia. This blend perfectly balances the noble taste of the raw material with a bright aroma.

Popular Darkside Flavors

Darkside Bananapapa

Regarded by many Darkside fans as the most vibrant, rich, and successful flavor in the lineup. It blends perfectly with any sweet flavors, such as Darkside Ice Cream and Mango Lassi.

Darkside Ice Cream

This flavor delivers a very sweet chocolate ice cream taste, considered one of Darkside's best. It pairs intriguingly with Lemonblast for a unique mix.

Darkside Supernova

This flavor offers a wild coldness, making any mix refreshingly icy. Recommended at 20-30% of the pack, with some fans even using up to 50%. Smoking it pure is almost impossible due to the intense cold—it even chills your ears!

Darkside Medium Falling Star

A bright, summery taste of a sweet tropical cocktail made from mango and passion fruit.